Company Introduction

Suzhou AquaBridge Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd. is the holding and managing company for both the Yuhai Pte Co and the Xuyi TianFa Ornamental Fish Breeding Farm.

This company has developed True & Green Eco-Aqua and Environmental Technologies for in-house and open sky application systems.

Live Stock Guarantine Station

Yuhai Pte Co has a team of Researchers & Consultants experienced with fish quarantining and packing since 1970.
In this system, we have more than 200 by 600 liters individual tanks and open sky stocking areas, which can quarantine & stock more than 2,500 boxes of fish for export each month.

Farm Introduction

Xuyi TianFa Ornamental Fish Breeding Farm is the single largest fish farm situated at Jiangsu Province. As far as your eyes can see, we are stretched out by 1.500,000 sq. ft. of production ponds. Most varieties of Fancy Goldfish & Fancy Kois will be produced and sourced. We are planning to double our capacity in the near future.

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